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Megan Green

Audiobook Narrator

Engaging. Versatile. 

Naturally British

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Troubled Internal Monologue - Mrs Daloway
Shocking Revelations - Scottish dialogue
Fantasy Romance - Bitterburn
Eliza comedy scene - Pygmalion
German names and places - All Things that Deserve to Perish
Non Fiction Spiritual - Crystal Chakra Healing
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Classic Literature

Published by Spoken Realms

Virginia Woolf’s classic “stream of consciousness” novel revolves around one day in a woman’s life in post-war London, 1923.

We encounter a vast array of characters through their internal monologues, all of which touch Clarissa’s life in some way and are all brought together by her party.

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A selection recent 5 star reviews for performance

Pride and Prejudice Variation

The narrator was fantastic. Refreshing and engaging.

Books like these are where Megan Green shines! She was born in the south of England, giving her the perfect voice for a classic work. 

Non-Fiction Spirituality

Very interesting and informitive book. Relaxing and soothing voice of the narrator. I would recommended this book.


I had the absolute best time listening to this book because of the narrator. The narrator did a wonderful job of voicing these characters and giving this book life. 

Regency Romance
Ms Green does an excellent job with the narration. Her reading flows so smoothly not going too fast or slow. She is also able to show the emotions of the characters adding to the wonderful writing of Ms Worth. Ms Green also changes her voice so expertly for each character and contains this throughout the story.

Children's Fantasy

the narration includes so many fantastical voices it's sure to capture their attention. Listening to the story is definitely the way to go here. The narration makes the characters seem even more vibrant and drew me even further into the story. 

Science Fiction

Green does a fantastic job of narration bringing the story to life. A good narrator can make a not so good story even better, or a great story even greater. Green started with a great story and its even better for her narration. 

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Audible Approved narrator Megan Green has produced over 50 audiobooks, ranging from refined to steamy: girly to gritty. As a native Brit Megan is competent in a several accents from the British Isles including RP, cockney, Scottish, Irish and Welsh. Significant book characters have also had General American, American Southern, Spanish, French, German and Caribbean accents. Megan's non-fiction works also contain several Sanskreet words and take advantage of her soothing and relaxing vocal tone which is ideal for the religion and spirituality genre. As well as working directly with Rights Holders other publishers include Dreamscape, Author's Republic and Spoken Realms.

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